Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Site at YBCA!

Materials began to arrive on site at YBCA on Friday at 9 am. Everything has to be carried by hand up to the sculpture court, so watch this space to see how we get the steel up there Monday. Once we set up the construction site and brought up the materials, the next step involved checking the levels of the court, and laying the plywood pads for the seismic isolation bases. Each pad is 32" square, but of various heights so we end up with each one at the same level. By the end of the day the sculpture court was level and prepared for Monday's delivery of the steel components for the isolation plinth.

Isabel carrying lumber for the plinth.

Hank and his crew lay out protection for the court, followed by plywood pads for the seismic isolation bases.

Hank and Gabriel surveying to check that all the bases are the same height.

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