Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's next this summer?

Dear Friends,

July was amazing for the Bowls Project with many awesome friends coming to share music, ritual and workshops. And we have many more coming up this month! Charming Hostess invites you to The Bowls Project at YBCA where you can share a secret and listen to the secrets of others during gallery hours. Or, participate in music on Thursdays, ritual on Fridays and hands-on workshops on Sundays. We will be playing music from The Bowls Project to introduce the weeknight programming below, and some weekends too. All events take place at:

Please join us at the dome this summer!

Charming Hostess


Sunday 8/1
One Taste leads a workshop about sacred orgasm

Sunday 8/1
Susan Duhan Felix speaking on contemporary Blessing Bowls: Origins & Present Day Uses

Thursday 8/5
Rachel Valfer-Sills of Qadim plays Iraqi Jewish music, sacred and secular

Friday 8/6
Kismat-Mahal Kirtan Ensemble leads ecstatic chant

Sunday 8/8
Pamela Reitman from Makor Or and Everyday Zen leads Jewish meditation for all

Thursday 8/12
Susu Pampanin Middle Eastern percussion ensemble

Friday 8/13

Sharanya (R)evolutionary Shakta Tantra honoring Kali Maa, the Dark Mother

Saturday 8/14
Big Idea Night at YBCA
Screening meditative work by film artist Shezad Dawood in the dome, with ChoHo performances from 11PM to 12AM

Sunday 8/15
Maggid Jhos Singer teaches chants and songs in the Jewish mystical tradition

Thursday 8/19
X-Alfonso, Cuban hip-hop star, unplugged!

Friday 8/20
Sister Sara Femme leads a botanical celebration of labia and plants

Saturday 8/21
Dan Cantrell and Lily Storm

Amazing special guest I am not allowed to annunce yet

Sunday 8/22
Orisha Girls from Satya Yuga: sing the Bowls safely toward its next journey.


Sunday 7/11
Jewish Music Festival open dome day!

Thursday 7/15
InkBoat: Butoh in (and on) the dome

Friday 7/16
Jewlia: Shamanistic Shabbat

Sunday 7/18
The Bowls Project CD Release Party (inside YBCA Forum)

Thursday 7/22
Women of the Real Vocal String Quartet
Strings play medieval madrigals and Malian love songs

Friday 7/23
Alleluia Panis and the women of Kularts lead a ritual that Balances the Elements

Saturday 7/24
Cornelius Boots Multi-Reed Shamanistic Extravaganza

Sunday 7/25
Amy Kassiola leads a workshop on demon-proofing your home with amulets.

Thursday 7/29 (Jewlia's birthday!)
Faun Fables: Songs about the domestic world

Friday 7/30
UnLocked: The sacred geometry of the African diaspora in braids

Saturday 7/31
International Body Music Fest preview and fundraiser: Keith Terry, Evie Ladin, Derique McGee, Alex Feng
30 min shows @ 6, 6:45 & 7:30
Suggested Donation $10-25

PS: SECRETS: Don't forget to call our toll-free number and leave us an anonymous secret we can use for the dome: 1-800-420-4459 or

PPS: DOCENTS: Did you want to be a dome docent but you haven't told us yet? Now's the time.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Bowls Project by Charming Hostess Opens July 6 at YBCA

Dear Friends of Charming Hostess,

Dome day draws near! The Bowls Project at YBCA opens this Tuesday July 6th! Our immersive installation based on sex and magic in Babylonian Jewish amulets, The Bowls Project takes place within a masterwork of ancient-meets-modern design: a double vaulted masonry dome designed by architect Michael Ramage. The Bowls Project dome is a place to share a secret and hear the anonymous secrets of others, listen to live music on Thursdays, participate in ritual on Fridays, encounter embodied text on Sundays, and dig on the apocalyptic intimate whenever YBCA is open. We’ll be sending out a schedule of events in the dome next week.

Please join us as we dedicate the dome with procession, performance, ritual, secrets, and bowl inscription. Welcome!

Charming Hostess presents The Bowls Project
Tuesday July 6
Meet in Great Hall of YBCA at 701 Mission
Walk to Bowls Project on corner of 3rd and Mission
San Francisco, CA

  • Can’t come, but you want to participate? SHARE A SECRET! Easy and anonymous! Call our toll-free number: 1-800-420-4459 or click here:

Dome out! Love,
Jewlia/Charming Hostess