Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Bowls Project by Charming Hostess Opens July 6 at YBCA

Dear Friends of Charming Hostess,

Dome day draws near! The Bowls Project at YBCA opens this Tuesday July 6th! Our immersive installation based on sex and magic in Babylonian Jewish amulets, The Bowls Project takes place within a masterwork of ancient-meets-modern design: a double vaulted masonry dome designed by architect Michael Ramage. The Bowls Project dome is a place to share a secret and hear the anonymous secrets of others, listen to live music on Thursdays, participate in ritual on Fridays, encounter embodied text on Sundays, and dig on the apocalyptic intimate whenever YBCA is open. We’ll be sending out a schedule of events in the dome next week.

Please join us as we dedicate the dome with procession, performance, ritual, secrets, and bowl inscription. Welcome!

Charming Hostess presents The Bowls Project
Tuesday July 6
Meet in Great Hall of YBCA at 701 Mission
Walk to Bowls Project on corner of 3rd and Mission
San Francisco, CA

  • Can’t come, but you want to participate? SHARE A SECRET! Easy and anonymous! Call our toll-free number: 1-800-420-4459 or click here:

Dome out! Love,
Jewlia/Charming Hostess

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